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Why choose us?

Because you need to  remain focused on what you do best – manufacturing and delivering your product or providing services to your market. In the current economic climate, you can’t afford to take your eye off the ball.

At the same time you need to market your company as aggressively as possible to generate sales leads and activity.

Appointing Evergreen Media as your marketing partner enables you  to do both, without negatively impacting your standard business processes.

We’ll start by  gathering an in-depth understanding of your company including insight into its products and services, target markets, as well as your business growth objectives. We’ll then devise a specific and targeted digital marketing strategy aligned to your marketing budget that keeps you relevant, fits your company image, generates quality sales leads and, ultimately, drives revenue. We’ll also keep you informed along every step of the journey and take care of your products and services as if they were our own.

Choose Evergreen Media as your digital marketing and publishing partner.

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What we do


Directories, expo catalogues and buyers' guides

Gathering data, compilation, proof reading and quality printing result in accurate, user-friendly publications.

Inbound marketing

Search engine optimisation (SEO) and digital advertising

Have potential customers contact you directly through a search engine-friendly website and effective search advertisements.

Customer growth

Lead generation

We’ll conceive and implement a digital marketing campaign designed to generate more high-quality leads and optimal conversion rates.

Content marketing

Blogs, newsletters and email campaigns

Our experienced editors and writers are on hand to publish and distribute professional, targeted and well-crafted content to your clients.


Website design and development

Upgrade or redesign your website to work better for you, taking into account all user experience data and calls to action. Data analysed on an ongoing basis.


Strategic thinking

Unparalleled and in-depth knowledge of most industrial markets enables us to plan and execute marketing campaigns aligned to clearly-defined goals and objectives.

Audience development

Social media

Increase exposure through carefully selected social media channels that reflect your company’s image, ethos and products.

Personalised service

Listening skills

Your success is our success. Before we start, we ensure we gain an intimate understanding of your products and company. We listen carefully and ask questions. We’re not just a service provider, we’re your partner in growth.


Content management

While you concentrate on running your business, we'll take care of uploading, optimising and changing your content on your website and other digital assets.

Lead generation


Web development


Search engine optimisation


Digital advertising


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